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Stage 2 Porting


Our stage 2 Head Porting  provides better flow and gasket matching on both intake & exhaust ports, bowl & runner cleanup and enlarging. This along with Performance Ceramic coating will provide much better flow than stock.

1200.00 per set

Ceramic Coated Heads


By applying a Ceramic coating to the combustion chambers, runners, valve stems the heat of the combustion stays in the cylinder allowing more power to drive the piston in turn driving the turbo harder. 

The coating in the runners is a "Heat Stop" it prevents the exhaust gasses from transferring into the head slowing heat soaking.  

Complete Head Coating 

700.00 per set

Valve unshrouding


Our custom CNC valve unshrouding increases flow by opening up the area around the valve seat allowing for faster air movement at early valve lift through full lift increasing flow.

450.00 per set

MAX Flow Head Porting

Our Maximum flow head porting is the highest flowing head work available, along with a full runner enlarging the runners also receive milling work done by no one else. We are the only company that goes this far and we get the highest flow numbers. 

1900.00 per set    

Piston Coating


We offer top quality piston coatings. For any needs from street, turbo, diesel, to nitro. We can provide Thermal Barriers, Thermal Dispersants, Dry Film Lubricants, even skirt & bearing buildup when tolerances need to be tightened up.

Runner Coating


Diesel, gas, turbo, it doesn't matter all engines could benefit from a Thermal Barrier in the runners, this coating will slow and almost stop heat transfer into the heads making the motor run cooler and sending harmful heat out the pipes where it belongs. 

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