Here are some of the details of this custom P400 build

This is a short list of what is being done to this P400 motor. 

We started with a new crate motor, took it 100% apart, gave the heads our max flow port job, installed larger exhaust valves, unshrouded the valves in the chamber, applied all the coatings possible. After the port work we contacted PAC Racing springs and came up with a new valve spring much better suited for this application matching boost, lift using 1.7:1 roller rockers, Trend Performance 7/16 pushrods. 

Next we custom CNC machined the pistons for 18:1 compression and valve pockets, gave them a 3 sided coating as well for maxim protection, as well as tightening the bore clearance to suit the build requirements. The rods were given a Thermal Dispersant coating to help shed heat. The rotating assembly was balanced to near perfection. We coated the crank with Thermal Dispersant and coated the journals with a dry film lubricant. The bearings were also given a dry film coating to lower friction in the rotating assembly. 

The cam also received a dry film lubricant along with a DSG timing gear set, and the oil pump got the same treatment. 

While we are still modifying things we are close to being finished. We do have plans to visit a engine dyno late summer if all things work out. 

Their is more to this build that will be added later along with the build pictures so stay tuned for updated.