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We are located in the upstate of South Carolina. 

A little about our history

I started applying Ceramic coatings in 2010, I was involved in the drag racing industry and learned of the benefits of performance Coatings. I built a 6.5 Diesel motor as a test platform to test the coating for myself. Everything inside the motor was given a coating, I coated the head runners with a Heat Barrier designed to control the amount of exhaust heat soaking the head and causing engine temps to climb. The combined extent of all the coating proved well worth it. That test motor & truck has sense been sold and is still in use today and the current owner couldn't be happier.  We like "ONE OFF" or items no one else has so we are constantly thinking out of the box to bring a little high tech into a different group of owners.

Our outlook

We are a small application shop and do this as a side line business, and we want to offer better service than any of our competitors do period. We are able to handle most any project and I plan to expand even more. 

We are a small growing business and are striving to provide the highest quality services and parts available and we will never offer cheap products just to make a sale. We will always answer any question we can even if you don't buy from us and we will always treat the customer as we want to be treated.   

Please use the contact form and see if we can help you with your next project. 

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Twisted Steel Performance

Pauline,SC 29374