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We have countless hours in R&D in the performance modifications for these engines. 

We specialize in porting 6.2/6.5/P400 V8 Diesel heads. Everything from runner clean up to max flow porting, valve unshrouding, piston machining to lower compression. 

If you want a mild port & gasket match or a max flowing port job contact us for more information. We also are one of the only shops that offer a Heat barrier coating in the runners to control heat soak into the head, and one of the very few that offer porting for these heads. We are currently working towards CNC porting in the future. 

We are a leading 6.5 Diesel shop that offers Cylinder Head porting, Blueprint engine building. 


Performance Enhancing Thin Film Ceramic Coatings

We use Tech Line Coatings Ceramic Coating products exclusively. Thermal Barriers, Thermal Dispersants, Dry Film lubricants, etc.

We can coat almost any engine part for increased reliability, corrosion control, ware prevention and help unlock horse power. Where their is friction their is loss of power, with the correct coating that lost power will be gained and make your investment last longer. 


Custom Machining services

We offer CNC machined piston work, valve unshrouding, larger valves installed, custom valve springs & pushrods. 

We also blueprint & build 6.2/6.5/P400 Diesel motors. We also have one of the best turbo shops that handle all my turbo needs. 

If you have a project you need custom machining services please feel free to contact us for a free quote.

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